Karen Knapstein
March 12, 2012

Win It!: The Hunger Games Skin


If the words “may the odds be ever in your favor” don’t mean anything to you, you might be doing too much homework. At this point, however, it’s reasonable to think your teacher may have put The Hunger Games on a list of assigned reading. That’s how much people love it.

As an early adopter of the series, we’re thrilled about the attention for Suzanne Collins’ trilogy and particularly excited about the first movie — and all of the related buzz about casting, posters and previews. That’s why even though we NEVER do this, when skinit asked us if we we’re interested in taking a look at their Hunger Games themed skins, we said yes. Who doesn’t want a fire-y mockingjay skin for your phone?

Want the better news, and the thing that makes this post interesting? Skinit is giving us codes for three free skins for three of you! All you have to do is enter and we’ll pick three winners who will┬áreceive┬ácodes to pick out your fave Katniss-themed skin for your phone, laptop or iPad (plus free shipping)!
Thanks for reading and entering — we’ll be notifying the winners soon!

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