February 7, 2012

Wired Generation

Could you live without your phone or Facebook?

Adriana: Meet our contestants, or you might call them unsuspecting victims, Christina, Steven and Tiffany.

Christina: I think I send about 200 texts, BBM’s a day.

Adriana: Christina is a multitasking media guzzler.

Christina: Normally, when I watch TV, I’m on Facebook or on my computer and, like, right now I’m actually texting my friend Ashley and BBMing my good friend.

Steven: I’d say a lot of teens are on Facebook too much because it can be addicting.

Adriana: Steven likes Facebook and texting but says he can live with out them.

If your cell phone was taken away from you, would you be able to handle it?

Steven: I guess so, yeah. I just got an iPhone. I’d want to have it but I could live without it.

Tiffany: Yeah. I was a holdout all the way to the end. I know a few people who don’t have Facebooks. I want to say the vast majority do though.

Adriana: And Tiffany, who just recently joined the Facebook phenomenon.

Tiffany: I think texting and Facebook and things like that could be numbing because it takes away the need to have so much face-to-face contact. When you have a face-to-face conversation with someone, you can read their facial expressions and their tone, which is something you couldn’t get from a text message or online. So, it’s important to have that sort of practice.

Adriana: They think we are interviewing them for a story about teens and media. But really, they, along with their classmates, are about to become part of our unplugged experiment.

“I feel like if I didn’t have Facebook or texting for a day, I’d go through withdrawal.”

“I probably would take a nap all day. Do something, go to sleep, maybe read a book — no, I’m joking.”

Adriana: Well, Christina, get ready. We are coming to your school, St. Francis Prep in New York City.

Adriana: Alright, guys. We are going to surprise this class room. They have no idea we are coming. Let’s see what happens.

Hi, guys! I am Adriana from Channel One. And we are here to surprise you because you have been elected to take part in Channel One’s cell phone challenge. We are going to put your cell phones in this box. And we are going to take them away from you for a week — all day, seven days. And we will give them back to you on Monday! We basically want to see if you can survive.

“My mom’s going to freak.”

Adriana: In addition to giving up your cell phones, you will also have to stop using the internet, except for homework. If you use the internet though you can’t do it at home, you have to do it at a library.

“I don’t have a library card.”

Adriana: Alright. Your last text message before you give it up.

“Hello? I’m calling my mother. Mom, I’m not going to be able to call you all day cause I have to give my phone in for a project. I’ll see you in a week. Be safe. I love you.”

Adriana: We have got them all? This is heavy. It doesn’t even fit in this box! Goodbye to the phones. Safe and sound for a week.

Bye, guys! Enjoy Channel One today!


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