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Did you know that in kids’ movies, men can outnumber women five to one? And that the most common job description for women in those movies involves wearing a tiara ruling a kingdom?

Princess’ aside, Geena Davis noticed what she thought was a trend a few years ago and decided it might be a problem, so she started a foundation to start to look at the issue — which is when the five to one imbalance came to light.

If girls aren’t seeing realistic portrayals of themselves represented in the movies and TV shows they watch, they’re not going to see themselves in the world in a realistic way. And if boys don’t see girls either, they’re going to have the same problem.

To see more about how young kids think about men and women and jobs, watch the video “Guess Who?” below — and then hear from the college students who produced it in “The Making Of.” And if you’re looking for a film where we think Hollywood gets it right, don’t miss the slideshow.


There's a reason Geena Davis started a foundation to think about this stuff -- she knows how to pick a great role that embodies what she believes.

In "A League of Their Own" Geena played Dottie Hinson, an athlete recruited for the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, which took the place of men's professional baseball when many men left the United States to fight in World War II.

If you haven't seen this one, add it to your Netflix list ASAP for proof that the phrase "you throw like a girl" should be abolished forever.


Olive Penderghast helped out a friend and ended up with a worse reputation than Hester Prynne in "The Scarlet Letter" (that's in case we had to spell it out for you...) but Emma Stone's attitude in this flick helps us a remember that a reputation is just that -- and not a reflection of anyone's true character.


Who can resist the charm and curiosity of Hermione Granger? And while we admit the role of a witch is a bit of a dive into fantasy land in terms of a career, we can tell she'd be good at anything she put her mind to.

Wanna talk about another women in media? J.K. Rowling turned her talent at spinning stories into become the wealthiest woman in the U.K. and a powerful publishing player.


Miss Witherspoon portrays the blonde, beautiful, and, oh yeah, brilliant Miss Woods in this legal comedy in which a girl follows her ex-boyfriend to law school to discover her own aptitude in the courtroom in time to ditch the guy (he sooo wasn't worth it) -- and save both an old friend from a wrongful accusation and a new one from feeling down on herself.


The tagline says it all in this flick about roller derby starring Page and directed by another woman who knows how to rock the media, Drew Barrymore.

"Be your own hero," ladies -- and gents!


Ms. Miles from Fort Scott High School in Ft. Scott, Kansas, sent us this suggestion and we agree -- Queen Latifah as August Boatwright in the film version of "The Secret Life of Bees" is a great example of a female character to admire.

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