Ben and Rose both long for a different life. Ben dreams about a father he has never met. Rose follows the life of a famous actress and chronicles all that happens to her in a scrapbook she keeps. But all they ever do is long and dream.

When Ben finds a clue to where his father may be and Rose reads in the paper an article that captures her interest and gives her a grand idea, both children set out on a journey. One that they hope will answer the questions they have about the past, and the future.

Set fifty years apart Ben’s story — told in words, and Rose’s- told in pictures, will capture your interest from the very start, and as they begin to connect and intertwine you will be searching for the answers right along with them. Beautiful and heartwarming this is a story of family, the questions we have about them, and the journey we take to find the answers. — Olivia Jacobson, IMHO Books

About the Author

Brian Selznick is the author and illustrator of The Invention of Hugo Cabret and many other titles. He studied at the Rhode Island School of Design before working in children’s bookstore, where he learned about children’s books and practiced illustrations on the store windows.

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