Karen Knapstein
October 14, 2013

World Food Day Goes Green


World Food Day is October 16th. Started waaaaay back in 1981, the idea behind it was to bring awareness to the plight of those without enough to eat, and it still is.

But this year, there’s a new angle to consider when we talk about food insecurity — the environment. As Keith Kocinski explained on the show today, new data from the UN says 1/3 of all the food humans produce is ultimately wasted. And if that number isn’t enough to get you to join the clean-plate club, maybe following the money will.

All that wasted food adds up to a loss of $750 billion dollars each year — enough cash to feed 2.3 billion American teens. Fact check: The UN says that nearly 870 million people in the world — one in eight — were dealing with “chronic undernourishment” in 2010-2012. Yep, do the math.

So what can you do to help curb food waste, save the environment and make sure no one goes hungry (whew!)?

  • Eat local. Part of the cost of all that wasted food comes from transporting stuff all around the country that sometimes just ends up in the garbage. 
  • Consider what you buy. Do a double take before you super-size anything. Sure, you might save money on bulk buying, but if you don’t use it before it goes bad…no one wins.
  • Finish your leftovers. Keep in mind that most food is usually fine to eat for much longer than you think. True story.
  • Donate what you don’t need. If you DO buy in bulk, or notice you have packaged foods around that might be close to — but haven’t yet — expired, get them to someone who can use them sooner than later. Food banks around the country are struggling to keep up with the demand, so why not help them out

You can also be a part of World Food Day by:

You can get more ideas over on the World Food Day website. If you decide to take part — tell us what you did in the comments or by sharing your video here. It might just end up on the show!



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One comment on “World Food Day Goes Green

  1. c-dog

    I think if many people are hungry than it is a good idea to think of ways to help and not wast so much food. So if they think of a way tell people about it and don’t just keep it to your self. Eating leftovers is a good start.


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