February 18, 2012
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Y I Yell!


“If you say ‘Y, I, L,’ which are the three last letters in each of our names enough times, it starts to sound like ‘Why I Yell!’ and that’s how we got our name,” explained Gaby Symons in a phone interview. “We knew we wanted it to be something different and creative” and with all three enthusiastic band members on the line — including Michael and Demitri Lerios — the band’s reason for making music is abundantly clear. They have some things to say.

“Everyone has a reason to yell,” explained Michael. “We want to give people a reason to take a beat and realize what’s around them.” For these bandmates, that means it can always be the weekend, depending on your state of mind, as well as getting excited about giving someone a reason to let go and tap their feet. The band formed about two years ago when Gaby, who happened to live next door to Michael and who wouldn’t let her initial shyness stop her from singing, and Michael, whose father is in the music business, started playing together. Demitri, who happens to be Michael’s little brother, soon joined them on drums. With Michael and Demitri’s older brother serving as a manager, it’s easy for this trio to joke about being a modern-day Partridge family, without, alas, a van of their own.

They’ve spend the past couple of years working to “hone our craft” before getting on stage or releasing any music. At this point, they’re well on their way to releasing an EP in the fall (you can hear a preview of those tracks here). Tour dates, and then superstardom, are sure to follow.

“Always the Weekend”

“Tap Your Feet”

“Y I Yell”

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