April 25, 2013

You Tell It: College to career

Experts: Pick a college with a career in mind.

Lysette: Every year, millions of high school students take that next big step – college –with hopes of getting an education that will help them land the job of their dreams.

Kaley Polhill: I didn’t think it was going to be this difficult to find a job, and, you know, the reality is that it’s not that easy.

Lysette: Kaley Polhill graduated from college with honors last year with a degree in psychology. After graduation, she packed up her bags and moved to The Big Apple in hopes of finding a job as a clinical psychologist.

Kaley: Right now, I’m a secretary for Macy’s.

Lysette: She currently works full time at Macy’s, a job that doesn’t require a day of college.

Many students go to college hoping that when they graduate they will get a job that they couldn’t get with just a high school diploma. But many of the jobs available don’t even require a college degree.

Stefany: In 2008, when we had the economic crisis and we lost 25 – 30% of the nation’s wealth, so the job market has become more competitive than it has ever been in the history of our nation’s economy. And on top of that, many people were laid off at that time, so the classes of 2009 – 2012 are competing with their parents in many cases for jobs.

Lysette: Experts say when you are choosing a college to research what schools specialize in what you want to study and to find out where the job openings are. And when you are ready to apply for the job, take this into account:

Stefany: Learn as much as possible about the industry so that they can hit the ground running. Find out what the employer’s needs are. What kind of skills do they need? What kind of person meets their needs? And prove that you are that type of person.

Lysette: As for Kaley, she does continue to search for higher-paying, degree-requiring jobs but says the receptionist job she took a few weeks back may have actually been a blessing in disguise.

Kaley: I’ve only been working there a few weeks but I already can tell it’s a great company to work for and I do feel like there is a lot of opportunities within the company. So, it’s great that I got my foot in the door and I hope to continue, at least with this company, for a while.

Lysette: Lysette Portales, Channel One News.


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