April 18, 2013

You Tell It Round Up

We’re sharing your stories of giving back…and dancing.

Shelby: Now, I can’t wait to find out what school we get to visit. And since we can’t make it out to all of our Channel One schools, we can still find out what you are up to in our You Tell It segment where you tell us what is going on.

Students at Skyview High School in Tucson, Arizona took a stand against bullying by making this video.

Bully: You could pick it up by yourself! Man, what?

Student: Hey! Hey! Messing with him isn’t going to solve your problems.

Shelby: And over in Fargo, North Dakota, junior high school students helped protect their town against a flood. They made more than 500,000 sand bags in just two days. Thanks to Ben Franklin Middle School for telling us about the inspiring event.

Then there is Middlesex, New Jersey’s Do Something Club and their members’ efforts to help the less fortunate.

Do Something Club Members: To combat hunger, our school joined Do Something’s Peanut Butter and Jam Slam by running a school-wide drive to collect peanut butter and jelly jars.

You can be a part of changing the world.

We are the Middlesex Do Something Club and we collected 113 jars. I messed up. Can we start over?

Shelby: You guys just never fail to impress us! And finally, teachers at Northmont Middle School in Clayton, Ohio also showed us they have Gangnam style too!

Thanks for sharing, everyone! If you want to tell us what great things you are doing, submit your videos on our You Tell It page over at


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