January 23, 2013

You Tell It Round Up


Maggie: Alright. We like to call this next segment You Tell It. You have been telling us about all the cool things happening in your area and we have got your videos to prove it!

Students at Alexander High School in Laredo, Texas gathered supplies to send across the country to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

We also heard from the Charles Town Middle School in Charles Town, West Virginia who sent us this video of a visit from the families of victims who died on Flight 93 on September 11th. The family of Todd Beamer, the young man who led the charge on the cockpit on Flight 93, were in attendance. The students shouted his words in tribute.

Students: Let’s roll!

Maggie: And at Lumpkin County Middle School in Georgia, The KISS Club, which stands for Kids in Super Shape, is making a stand against obesity and low self-esteem through dance. Their goal is to get students involved and active but still have fun while doing it.

KISS Club member: I like KISS Club because it’s like, you can exercise and dance but nobody cares what you look like, and you can just have fun and get out there and, you know, dance.

Maggie: And here is a shout out to Cowherd Middle School in Aurora, Illinois. They say this ball weighs 120 pounds, made completely out of tape. They are going for a world record.

Students: C, H.

Maggie: And last up, Cloverleaf Middle School in Lodi, Ohio also gave us a shout out, spelling out Channel One while jump roping!

Students: Channel One!


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