March 15, 2012

Youngest Musher Wins

The youngest Iditarod competitor ever came in first in this year's race.

Shelby: It wasn’t a typical birthday for Dallas Seavey. Instead of celebrating, Dallas marked his 25th birthday by setting off with 65 other competitors in the annual race across Alaska called the Iditarod.

The big celebration took place after Dallas crossed the finish line, when he made history as the youngest person to ever win the Iditarod.

“Pretty awesome to see such a nice young man coming across the finish line.”

Shelby: With his team of nine dogs, Dallas traveled all the way from Anchorage to Nome, racing nearly 1,000 miles across the Alaskan wilderness. Dallas and his sled dogs made the trip in nine days, four hours and twenty-nine minutes. And his prize for being first to Nome? $50,400 and a new truck!

Dallas is a third-generation musher — that is the person who leads the dog sled.

“Top-level racing is a family thing. You have to have the support of your entire family doing it.”

Shelby: His grandfather helped found the race four decades ago.

“I get a lot inspiration from him. He sets his mind on something, he has his goals and he does it. Simple as that.”

Shelby: But winning the Iditarod is not easy. There were at least a dozen teams that didn’t even make it to the finish line this year.

Dallas gives the credit to his teammates.

“A great dog has it all. They’ve got the whole package. Athletically, their bodies are very efficient, and there’s a mental outlook on life that these dogs just think this is the greatest thing, just traveling. And that’s what really defines an excellent sled dog.”

Shelby: Shelby Holliday, Channel One News.

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