January 9, 2012

Your Turn: Anti-obesity Ads

Do you think we need a "tough-love" approach to fight obesity?

“I don’t like going to school because all of the other kids pick on me. It hurts my feelings.”

Gary: If you found this ad a little hard to watch, you are not alone.┬áThis ad, along with several others, are part of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Georgia’s Strong4life campaign. They launched the campaign after their research found that 50% of people surveyed didn’t recognize childhood obesity as a problem. And 75% of parents with overweight or obese kids did not see their children as having a weight issue.

While many people are happy that Strong4life is taking on the childhood obesity problem, they are not happy with how they are doing it.

People across the country are saying the ads go too far and that they feel bad for the young people in the ads.┬áBut Dr. Jan McBarron says this is exactly the type of ‘in your face’ push America needs.

Dr. Jan McBarron: I think it’s a wake-up call. It needs to be a wake-up call. That’s the problem is we hide behind this, ‘ah, it’s just a baby and she’ll grow out of her fat’ or ‘it’s ok and let’s reward our children with food’ instead of really realizing is what we’re doing is we’re hurting them.”

Gary: The people behind the ads say if you are talking about it, then the ads are doing their job.

“I think what you guys have seen and what we’ve also seen is that a dialogue has begun. So, in less than a week, it’s doing exactly what we thought it would do and that’s to raise the level of discourse around this issue.”

Gary: The next part of the ad campaign is scheduled to roll out in about six weeks.

Gary Hamilton, Channel One News.


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