Your Turn: Class Notes


Social networking is as prevalent as texting, but what about social studying? No, we’re not talking about a marathon history study session — we’re talking about students who take notes for classes and sell them online. New sites like provide class notes by students and for students…at a price.

Though the concept is nothing new — sites similar to Note-Utopia exist at colleges with the help of students and professors — these social studying websites also allow students to discuss the classes with each other online. However, some schools find the practice controversial; they do not believe students should earn money from their teacher’s information and are threatening expulsion to students caught selling class notes.

Do you think selling and buying class notes is wrong? Should students be expelled for sharing their notes or purchasing them? Or, maybe you think this is just another way for students to connect and share information. Whatever you thoughts are, we’d like you to take the poll, watch the video, and share your opinion in the comments below!


Should students be able to earn money from taking good notes?

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