Your Turn: Open or Closed Campus


By the time lunch rolls around, do you dream of going off campus to hang out with your friends or grabbing a sandwich? Some schools allow students to drive or walk off campus to have lunch. These schools feel students should be free to decide how they spend their lunch and deserve a break in the middle of the day.

However, statistics have shown that teens with open campuses during lunch have up to three times the number of car accidents compared to those with closed campuses. In an effort to keep students safe, other schools have policies that keep teens on campus during lunch.

Now, it’s your turn!

Should students be allowed to leave campus for lunch? Only upperclassmen? What if they walk instead of drive? Take our poll and tell us what you think.


"I think that students should be able to leave campus for lunch so they can get out of school for a little while and take a break. It also makes them earn trust because you have to be back by a certain time. I think that all schools should at least have a trial run and then the principal can decide if he wants it or not."

--Lindsey (14), Utah


"Yes, because their campus may not serve healthy food or maybe the students do not like the food they serve!"

--Ali (11), Ohio


"Yes, I think that students should be allowed to leave campus for lunch. Some students don't like school lunches and they have a right to decide what they eat."

--Laina (13), Ohio


"I think students shouldn't be allowed to leave school campus...the school lunch (program) could buy a restaurant's food and sell it-- that's what mine does."

--Marie (14), Fla.


"I think we should be able to leave campus because a little 30 min break away from school would be nice. We're basically at school for 8 hrs with 5 min breaks every hour."

--Earlene (14), Fla.


"I think that students should be allowed to leave campus during lunch. I mean if they are responsible enough to show up for school then they should be able to leave and come back to school.

--Whitney (16), Ohio


"I think that going off campus for lunch should be granted, but only as a privilege. If people can't handle it, then it should be taken away, just like any other privilege."

--Ashley (18), Ind.


"I don't think the students should be allowed to leave campus because something might happen to them. The students would be much safer on school grounds."

--Hank (19), N.J.


"I think if a student's parent says it is ok then it should be allowed."

--Shane (13), Ohio

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