Your Turn: Price vs. Prestige

Princeton University $58,900 $123,000
Dartmouth College $54,100 $123,000
Harvard University $57,300 $121,000
U. of Pennsylvania $59,600 $111,000
Yale University $52,600 $110,000
Brown University $49,400 $109,000
Cornell University $57,500 $106,000
Columbia University $54,300 $99,700

It’s no surprise that the cost of nearly everything is on the rise.

College costs are no exception — and when you look at the cost of an Ivy League education, some are wondering if the cost of some schools outweighs the value. Others, however, say you can’t put a price on the prestige of attending school somewhere with a world-class reputation.

What do you think? Which is more important to you — price or prestige? Leave a comment below with your perspective.


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