Your Turn: Prom on a Weeknight


The tradition of prom, short for promenade, is about a hundred years old. The original idea behind holding a prom was to give students an opportunity to practice being on their best behavior and dancing skills for what might be a first formal date. It’s a fun tradition — but it has also caused a bunch of controversy over the years.

Critics have increasingly called out prom goers for going over the top with dresses, tuxes, dinners, up-dos, limos, etc., not to mention those who use prom as an opportunity to forgo self-control entirely.

Now, to combat what many see as a tradition gone out of control, some schools are scheduling the big night for an evening that’s typically not such a big deal — like a Wednesday, when students have to be back at school on Thursday and theoretically tucked into bed by midnight.

What do you think? Is having prom on a weeknight a big deal? Will it keep everyone safer? Or is it just something designed to make the prom less fun for everyone? (Because the statistics show that most teens aren’t drinking on prom night.) Tell us what you think. Take the poll below and tell us more the comments.

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