October 11, 2011

Your Turn: Test Scores and Perks

Do you think students should get perks for high test scores?

Shelby: Black, gold or white? We are not talking about credit cards, we are talking about student ID cards.

Student: I have a gold card.

Student: I have a white card.

Shelby: Last spring, students at John F. Kennedy High School were assigned color-coded IDs and binders based on their standardized test scores.

A black card means a student scored advanced. The privileges? Free admission to all home athletic events and discounts to dances and businesses.

A gold card means a student scored proficient. They get free admission to certain home games and limited discounts.

White cards are given to the majority of students, those who scored basic or below basic on the tests. There are no benefits, and white card holders have to stand in a different cafeteria line than the black and gold card holders.

Some students say the system is unfair, but others aren’t bothered by the colors.

Student: I don’t really find it too big of a deal because if you have a white card, nobody’s like ‘that kid’s got a white card, let’s not talk to him.’

Shelby: The school said it did it to reward students for getting strong scores. But state education officials say the cards are illegal and violate student privacy. That is why the district announced changes last week.

“We’re going to re-issue the ID cards for everyone who had the colored cards. Everyone will have the same card, everyone will have the same binder, all of the lunch lines will be going to the same place at the same time, and we’ll just figure out a different way to award kids with incentives.”

Shelby: Shelby Holliday, Channel One News.

Justin: So now, we want to get your take on this story. Do you think students should get perks for high test scores? Head over to to vote.

We will have your responses tomorrow.


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