Your Turn: World Travel


Zac Sunderland is an adventurer with a passion for sailing and travel. At such a young age, he has explored many places and hopes to be the youngest person to circumvent the globe.

Although you may not own a sailboat and can certainly live vicariously through Zac’s experience by reading his blog, we want to know: have you ever had a desire to travel? Have you studied an area you’d like to visit someday? Leave a comment and see where other students would like to travel to in the slideshow below. And be sure to check out the video of Zac’s world traveling adventures too!


"I would love to visit Egypt. The pyramids are the most fantastic and oldest monumental structures ever constructed. It's amazing. "

--Bethany, 18, Georgia


"I would like to go to Brazil and see the soccer players and then go to eat food. I would also like to see the landmarks and see the animal life. I would also like to go fishing and see the marine life."

--Saul, 13, Texas


"I would probably want to go to Australia because the view there is just so beautiful. It would be like my own national zoo of wildlife."

--Sarean, 13, North Carolina


"I would go to the Channel One place so I can see all my favorite Channel One people."

--Brandon, 18, Indiana

We're in New York City!


"I want to go to Spain to learn about the Spanish Revolution and Europe."

--Andres, 15, Illinois


"If I could go anywhere in the world I would want to go to Africa so I could explore the different jungles and cities."

--Zach, 16, Kentucky


"I would go to Paris because the Eiffel Tower is there and because it would be beautiful to look over the city of Paris at night with all the lights."

--Mary, 13, Ohio


"I would go to Ireland because it is supposed to be very beautiful and I have a lot of heritage there I would love to check out."

--Morgan, 13, Ohio

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