October 3, 2013

YouTellIt: 10.3.13


Scott: Okay. Now, it is time to take a look at the videos you have been sending in to us. That is right! It is time for the first You Tell It wrap up of the year. So, let’s see what is happening in your world.

Verrado High School in Buckeye, Arizona showed us that everyone can be compassionate with a video they made for Katy Perry’s Roar video contest.

Over in Shelton, Washington, you guys dressed up and put on a show. Now that is a change of pace!

And last but not least, Aly, Mia, Maria and Megan from Somerset, Pennsylvania in the Somerset area school district, just want to enjoy a day outdoors. So they spent an afternoon showing us how that is done.

You Tell It is your chance to have your say! So send us your videos! Click Contribute over at and you will find out how.


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