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August 29, 2013

YouTellIt: Stressed Students


Maggie: Not many people understand all that it takes to be a successful student nowadays. So, who better to talk about the stress of school than a student like you. In today’s You Tell It, Channel One intern Chad Phillips checks out how stress affects your lives.

Chad: Seventeen-year-old Emelie Ali is one busy student. She is preparing for college and getting ready to take the SATs.

Emelie Ali: So, I’m going to be taking AP European history and I’m going to be in honors-level 4 my senior year.

Chad: With all the time Emelie spends improving her chances at getting into a good college, it is no surprise that she feels stressed out.

Emelie: The thing that mostly stresses me out is, pretty much, the amount of homework I get because I also, most likely, will get tests – about two a week because I have different classes. So, having the limited amount of time to study and then to do my regular daily chores and whatnot and then complete all my homework, usually really burns me out.

Chad: As it turns out, Emelie is not alone in the way she feels. According to a new study released by MTV, students are just plain stressed out … and it is not just about school.

Sixty percent of teens ages 14-17 agree they feel stressed about getting into a good school. Violence is on teens’ minds as well. Fifty percent say they are scared of something bad happening at their school. And seventy percent of teens say they are worried about the economy and how it will affect their future.

Emelie: I do get a little stressed out or concerned about the economy and what it says today, because I don’t want to grow up with having to pay off debt. Because I know my parents have done it, and it takes a really long time to pay off.

Chad: School psychologist Kelly Caci says that she has seen an increase in the amount of stress students are experiencing. She believes that a lot of it has to do with the push to succeed.

Kelly Caci: I think the stress level has probably risen because of the academic challenges that are occurring in the state in terms of requirements for success in the grade level on the state tests.

Chad: But if you are feeling stressed, Kelly has some tips that just may help you relax.

Kelly: Yeah, I think that the way to handle stress really is to do something that is relaxing, is enjoyable, whether that is taking a walk, reading a book, going out for a run or exercising, listening to music… Anything that will help someone calm down – and for everyone it’s different – is a great way to try to de-stress.

Emelie: I usually just, like, watch TV for at least twenty minutes or I get a cup of tea and read a book. Something that’ll get my mind off what I have to do.

Chad: Chad Phillips for Channel One News.

Maggie: If you want to find out more ways to beat stress, head on over to


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