Masai Mara Zebras

Wild Things

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A voluntary evacuation is called for and New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin announces the Superdome would be open as a "shelter of last resort" during the storm.

A red tide that is toxic to the food manatees eat is putting them at ...

Drastic new steps are being taken to save elephants from poachers.


New technology is letting biologists observe animals in the wild.


Scientists are excited about the big discovery of a tiny species.


Why are dolphins washing up on Cape Cod beaches?


High-tech cameras are helping researchers get a behind-the-scenes look.

One comment on “Wild Things

  1. panther

    Animals are amazing creatures and I personally think we should stop taking their habitats. When I grow up I plan to nurse sick wild animals back to health and save them with my hidden power, writing. Animals shall not be abused for if thou abuses thy animals, it shall pay a world wide famine that will never be resolved.


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