3 Things Azia Learned at Cheer Camp

By Azia Celestino 08.31.2016 blog

My first cheer photo!

A fun fact about me is that I was a cheerleader from 3rd grade all the way through high school. I joined both school and all star teams as a flyer (the person that gets thrown into the air!). One of my favorite parts about the sport was getting to bond with my team members at cheer camps over the summer. Camp is definitely a fun time, but I also took away some valuable lessons from the experience.

Stunting is a habit

1) #SquadGoals are life goals.

Competitive cheerleading taught me how to work in a team. In cheer, your squad is your family and you depend on each other for a common goal. Without every person’s full effort, you can’t win. The same is also true and really important when it comes to other areas in your life. Whether it’s a group project for school or a new job, teamwork is key!

I’m the flyer in the second group!

2) Be your own biggest competitor.

One summer, I was practicing stunts with two other groups at camp. While another group and my own were busy competing and trying to one-up each other, the third group stayed focused and kept practicing. When it came time for the camp competition, it wasn’t my group or our rival that won- it was that third group that scored the medal.

That was a lesson I have kept with me. Don’t compare your looks, achievements, life circumstances or anything else with those of others. Stay focused on your own path and only compete with your personal bests.

I got a really big team.

3) Work hard, play hard!

At camp, you go over routines a million times. It’s hot. You’re sweaty and exhausted. But some of the best memories I have with friends happened during cheer camp! You can keep your eye on that 1st place trophy… Just don’t forget to have a good time in the process.


  1. dnasty

    i love you azia i would like to meet you

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    Wow thts tight

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    WOW Azia you rock. What do you wear for cheerleading & can you teach me how to cheer Azia.

    • cmg

      so cool

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    That is cool

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    Do you still do cheer every once in a while just for fun.???

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      I would like to be on your cheerleading time so plesse text me back.and i love your cheerleaing moves

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    Azia I love cheering I think it is cool you went to cheer camp

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    Wow Azia how cool.

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    Yes, she did learn a lot at cheer camp ad she is a young talented girl.

  9. Trinity

    Wow Azia you were amazing can you still do those tricks or splits

  10. Lourdes Trofeo

    Great blog and so true. There are stereotypes about cheer, dance, and color guard that are unfair. So much to be learned from cheer….and much of that can be carried into your career and personal life …. forever.

  11. Riley

    Azia, that was awsome you did amasing!!!!!!!!

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    you did awsome on cheering !!

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