3 Things I Learned Eating Dinner with Strangers

By Maggie Rulli 11.22.2015 blog

1. Food is a common denominator 

Everyone has to eat. You might all like different things, but eventually everyone has got to chow down. It might seem silly, but this simply is such a powerful way to bond with people that might seem different from you. Sure we were biology majors, political science junkies and journalists all sitting around a table. We had grown up in different counties around the world, and we all wanted different things out of life. But let me tell you– when that lasagna came out, the one thing we all wanted was food. An instant bond with strangers!

2. Dishing up questions and getting served answers 

DSC07557Forcing strangers to talk for two hours is a crash course in forced small talk. Yes, it was awkward at first… Ok very awkward. But everyone made it through that first “Hello.” Everyone was game to force themselves past the “Where ya from?” and “What are you studying?” questions. And pretty soon, everyone was dishing up some real questions. And I learned so much from their answers! I learned about different cities in China, how to apply for med school, and even where to get the best cookies in DC. Pushing ourselves past the first awkward encounter, we were able to discover more about each other and learn about the things around us.

3. Secrets are much easier to share over sweets

By the time dessert rolled around, it was like we had all been friends forever (ok… maybe not forever but at at least for like a semester). Appetizer and entrees had warmed us up, and pretty soon people were sharing stories that were normally reserved for close friends. I was shocked at how close people could get in such a short period of time. Apparently, sometimes all it takes is dessert.


  1. Hadley meier

    I think it is a good idea and not such do much a good idea becuse. You could go and make freinds or go and not talk and not have fun

  2. dj

    Are you going some where for thanksgiving maggie

  3. Josie Henderson

    2 things I learned is 1. Don’t judge people by their looks 2. Meet new people because sometimes you just got to give people a chance and not judging them by their looks. Maybe they are rich and just have different shoes.

  4. Gavin Seebold

    No one likes me they all hate me.

  5. Gavin Seebold

    It’s hard for me to make friends. People say they don’t like me.

  6. Gavin Seebold

    It’s hard for me to make friends. People say I talk and play around WAY too much. With all my playing around, they say it gets on their nerves. So it is really hard for me to make new friends in school.

  7. Kasey Kapteyn

    I think the 3 things I learned were that you can not judge someone by the way they look also I think meeting new people at a dinner table would be nice so you can get to know some people and last I think it would be nice because you might think that the person you saw before was stupid or mean than you get to know them and you want to be friends with them

  8. Mariah

    I believe it is hard to make new friends because of the clique’s they have. People are bullying one another more than talking or understanding them. It really is hard for someone new or that you have never met to become friends with. People don’t gives others a chance as much as they should.

  9. Gabriel

    It is hard to make friends

    • Gavin Seebold

      They don’t like me

  10. :)rosa:)

    yes,i think it would be easy to make new friends

  11. Javeon Brown

    yes it’s a great idea

  12. Eric Brown

    when i get a chance to i will try it for fun and see how it goes

  13. eric brown

    maggie i think that its very cool what you do

  14. eric brown

    i think it will be good to do the 7 strangers because i am very out going i love to talk to people

  15. Lanzy Joseph

    Yes anyone can make friends.

  16. Lexi821

    Did you like it there?

  17. Presley Benson

    Yes,I love it is a fun way to exercise

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