Video: 3rd Republican Debate

By Tonka Dobreva 10.29.2015 blog

The third GOP debate took place at the University of Colorado Boulder. Republican presidential candidates took the stage to address important issues like the economy, jobs and taxes.


  1. Caidyn

    This is ok because America rules kind of and for Donald trump to be are president he is gonna be really rude and raises and he will send everyone where they belong but I am not being rude I’m just saying that he will send everyone where they belong and my cousin has to move to Mexico and I have to stay here if Donald trump is are president and I don’t want him to be are president.

    1. He will be rude because everyone knows that he will and next,he will not let me see my cousin

  2. Gavin

    Donald Trump for president and Chris Christie, they are the only ones i want for president.

    • genna snow

      i want hillory to win

      • Angie

        That’s true that Donald trump should not be elected for president

  3. Joe Heirigs

    Go Carson, Chris Christie, or Bernie Sanders!

  4. ZACH

    I hope hillary cliton is the bomb!!!!

  5. John

    Great job teaming up against CNBC. That was the worst time for the media since 2008! !! Go trump and Carson!!!!!

    • jack


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