A Ban on Bossy

By 05.12.2014 blog

Being a part of student government. Striving to stand out on a sports team. Not being afraid to share your opinion on an issue. All of those characteristics describe a person who would probably be considered a confident leader. And usually, that’s a positive thing. But that confidence can also lead to a label — one that’s often only used to describe a girl — bossy.

And because “bossy” often has a negative connotation, at least one boss, Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg, is pushing to ban it from the list of words we, as a culture, use when we talk about female leaders. And she’s not alone. Actress Jennifer Garner, Beyonce and former Secretary of State Condeleeza Rice support the campaign.

Others, however, don’t mind the word, saying that yes, it might have negative connotation, but it also implies strength, which is empowering.

But what do you think? Should bossy be banned from your vocabulary? Vote in the poll and tell us what you think. 


  1. Adam Wood

    I think people need to stop caring what other people think and care about them. As long as you are happy nothing else matters.

    Adam Wood

  2. Kennedy U.

    I don’t understand why we would focus on banning a word when we have more serious issues to be concerned on. Even if we were going to ban a word, at least ban a word that is more demeaning than “bossy”.

  3. Kennedy U.

    Banning the word bossy would only open up to new insults. I wouldn’t be surprised to see worse words used if bossy did get banned.

  4. Xzaves

    I agree being “bossy” is a bad thing. As a society we need to be able to express our opinions on how someone is acting. If somebody is being rude, you tell them. If somebody is being ignorant, you tell them. If somebody is being bossy, you tell them. Additionally, this is not a sexist comment in any way. Even if it is used mostly in regards to women, which I have not seen any evidence for either, it would still not insinuate that women have no right to lead. It would simply state that the person, man or woman, is acting controlling in a situation where they have not been designated a proper role to do so.

  5. Joseppi mccommonsense

    What gives anyone the right to ban a word? The whole premise here is ridiculous. We should ban Karen Knapstein from writing silliness such as this article.

  6. Tara Hartenbower

    Once again, we’re having a run-in with being politically correct. This is such a big problem already. If you say anything against the president’s actions, you’re racist. If you say anything against the gays, you’re a homophobe. If this push for banning goes through, calling a woman bossy will be sexist. It’s hard enough to have freedom of speech when every word out of your mouth has the potential of being offensive. We don’t need anymore reasons not to speak our minds.

  7. Jay-Soto

    Yeah, let’s focus on banning one minuscule word instead of focusing on real world problems like world hunger and poverty. Ban feminism.

  8. Kaison Graham

    I still can’t believe that this is even a poll.

  9. Faith S.

    I think the word “bossy” should because it a bad word to call somebody. Being called “bossy” is another way of saying your mean and selfish. The word “bossy” can mean a lot of thing in certain unless you use the terms right.

  10. Levi Youmans

    Being bossy in a good thing. If you are bossy you are assertive and are in charge. Take pride in someone calling you bossy.

  11. Konrad Hahne

    Bossy is not bad I word if you use it properly.i think it is a comment to be called bossy because that shows leadership.lastly to ban bossy is weird because your banny a word and people are still going to say it.

  12. Steven-Ha

    Honestly, the word bossy isn’t as bad as it really sounds. There are a lot of other words that mean the same thing as bossy so why don’t you ban those. There is no point in banning a word if a bunch of other words mean the same thing! Why does someone else’s opinion matter so much, it’s what they think. Always believe what you believe!

  13. Benjamin W

    No I don’t think being called “bossy is a bad thing. It’s an adjetive used to describe someone, so people who call you bossy, is there own opinion. People shouldn’t take it so negatively.

  14. Super Boy736

    Just because someone doesn’t like a word, do not mean you can ban it. Plus people will just come up with a another word that means bossy.

  15. Mem-Factor

    O.K. if we ban bossy we also need to ban jerk, nerd, superstar, pushover, and a host of other descriptive words. Lets make everybody the same— you know uniform mediocrity. Everyone should be either Tweedledee or Tweedledum.

  16. hannah

    Why ban a word from the English language when it’s already there? Bossy can have a positive and negative effect like the word skinny. It shouldn’t be banned just because of its negative effect.

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