A Clueless Closet?

By ch1c0nta@ctus 09.09.2011 blog

If the main thing you took away from the movie Clueless was that Cher’s closet organization system was amazing, you sort of missed the point (it’s a retelling of Jane Austen’s Emma, hello!). But we can’t say we blame you. Checking out an outfit before you actually put it on and run out the door before you realize it looks terrible is a luxury that was almost sci-fi when that movie came out.

That’s the great thing about sci-fi — it gives engineers ideas for stuff that they might actually want to make. In this case, it’s Swivel. Created by a marketing company that wants to sell their product to online stores in hopes that shoppers will return less stuff if they can “try it on” first, this tool takes advantage of Kinect-esque technology to create a virtual dressing room.

People who have used it even say it feels more like a game than shopping — which might be good news for people who aren’t so into shopping. But they’ve also said that sometimes it’s tricky to tell what the real color of something is with all different kinds of computers out there AND that it is a little hard to tell if something will actually fit. We want you to decide.

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