“A Generation of Kindness”

By Shelby Holliday 09.11.2012 blog

“From a day of terror, a generation of kindness.”

While I was writing our September 11th wrap-up for today’s show, I didn’t expect to come across many positive and uplifting stories. There are a lot of painful memories associated with this day, and there are still a lot of people suffering eleven years later.

But then I came across websites where people have pledged to “do good” in honor of this anniversary. Building houses, planting trees, painting schools, cooking for neighbors, reading to kids…the list goes on and on.

The deeds might be small, but the intention is huge — to unite people through positive action on a day that brings a lot of negative emotions. What better way to rise above the terrorists who wish to destroy us?

I could not wait to share the details about this awesome movement on our show. Not only is it an honorable tribute to the victims and a positive step towards healing, but it is also a representation of America at its best.

We will never forget.

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