A Global Positioning Jacket

By 04.03.2014 blog

Admit it: you’ve been just a little lost before and may have run into a curb, post or some other obstacle because you were looking down at your phone instead of paying attention to where you were walking. If you have, a company called Wearable Experiments might have come up with your next big thing.

It’s a cute jacket — one for men, one for women — that has sensors that will vibrate and light up to tell you which way to go, so no more looking down at your phone and missing the world as you walk right by it. Like a lot of NBTs, this one works using an app. You program your destination into the app and off you go, with your jacket GPS to guide you. There’s even a sleeve “countdown” that will tell you how much further you have to go before a turn.

So what do you think? Would you like to wear your GPS? Vote in the poll and tell us what you think! 



  1. Ariana

    i think that is not a good idea because that thing could get you lost!

  2. moomoo

    i dont like the jacket that what phones are for the phone talkes to u so u dont have to look at it

  3. Madeline-Butler

    It’s stylish but No that’s what a GPS is for!

  4. Cole-Esslinger

    What if we need to wash it??? Does it break and we have to buy a new one???

  5. Cassidy-Reed

    I don’t think this is the next big thing because you don’t have to use a GPS for everything and you should pay attention to life, life doesn’t happen on a screen!
    ~Cassidy Reed

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