A Lesson Plan for World AIDS Day

By Annie Thornton 11.29.2017 blog

December 1 is World AIDS Day, a day for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV and AIDS. Show your students this Channel One News story about Ryan White, an ordinary 13-year-old from Indiana who became the face of the HIV/AIDS crisis over 25 years ago. Ryan White and his mom courageously fought discrimination and helped educate the nation about his disease. Today, Ryan’s legacy lives on.

Invite your students to:



Discuss: What were students and parents afraid of at Ryan’s first school? How did they treat him? How and why was his second school different?

Read: About the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program

Write: Explain Ryan White’s legacy, using details from the video story and the article. How did he make a difference 25 years ago? How does his program continue to make a difference today?

Share: Call on student volunteers to share their responses with the class.


Extend: Work with a partner to create a chart/presentation/poster depicting important information about Ryan White, AIDS or HIV. Help raise awareness by educating others about this serious health issue.

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  2. ethan jones

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  3. Olivia Hernandez

    I believe that Ryan made a difference by showing that he wanted to still do things and interact even though he had HIV/AIDS. He showed people that you can do anything in any condition. If it wasn’t for him, lots of people with this disease would have given up hope.

  4. L.J Walker

    Floyd Middle School Montgomery,Al.

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    Hey, Channel One we love your show. #FloydMiddleMagnetSchool

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