A T-shirt Tale

By Kristen Brody 10.19.2011 blog

In keeping with my step-by-step blog posts, I have some more wisdom to share this week. This time, it’s how to get your school’s t-shirt featured on the show.

A few helpful hints:

1. Give us the deets. We want to know all about these gorgeous tees you’re sending us. Please provide your school’s name, location and a little bit about the shirt.

2. There’s no shame in sending an XL. We like our shirts to be nice and big!

3. Make it special. We get hundreds of shirts, so I’m always drawn to the ones that catch my eye. Whether you make the envelope look nice or you include your school’s koozie, do something to make your t-shirt package stand out. (Please note: I’m NOT soliciting bribes here. We do get packages with candy but it has NO influence on our choice. Seriously).

4. Remember that we get many, many, many shirts. I’ll say it again. Many. We are trying our best to get them all on the air. But as you know, the show is short. We do LOVE hearing from all of you and finding out what’s going on at your school, which is why we continue to welcome your shirts and why we’ll continue to put them on the show.

Finally, for those of you who need the information, here’s the address:

Channel One News
555 W. 57th Street
8th Floor
New York, NY 10019

Thanks y’all! Keep ’em coming.

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