A Wired Ride

By 03.20.2014 blog

Are you always crunched for time? Does living your life mean you have to maximize every moment? Or do you just live really, really far from your school?

What if your ride to school came with internet access? With many students spending hours and hours a year on the bus, some school districts are making the efforts to wire their ride to make it easier for students to do research, make plans and work on projects of their own. What’s more, once the bus arrives at a destination — say, an out of town track meet — it can serve as an on-site internet cafe, meaning students and coaches can stay connected while they’re away from school.

So what do you think? Is a rolling study hall the next big thing? Vote in the poll now!


  1. Brandon Cleasire

    I Say This Big Thing Can Be Great For Students Like Me. I Mean Most People Wouldn’t Just Want To Waste Their Time For 30 min-3 hours! Yup, Can Bring Some Loght In Some Kids.

  2. sarah hale

    next big thing for sure

  3. hiya


    • Depressing Person


  4. sarah

    ya woho

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