Alicia Huggins: My Favorite National Convention Speech

By Alicia Huggins 09.01.2016 blog

My favorite speech was that of Donald Trump, in which he talked about the issue of illegal immigration. I would say Ivanka Trump’s speech about her father and the Trump family was also awesome. I loved how she talked about how her father would always say that she and her siblings needed to work for what they wanted, and he pushed them to do their best and to always believe in themselves. Ivanka also mentioned that Trump communicated with the people he worked with at Trump Tower — he would ask them if they felt something needed to be changed and what they wanted changed. I just think it’s awesome for someone to admire their father for how he worked with his employees and valued their opinion. And that he’s the type of leader we need to make America great again, and I agree with Ivanka that her father will do what he says.

The one issue that I thing needed to addressed better during the conventions was respect for our law enforcement, because they are out here every day putting their life on the line for us, and so many people have been so disrespectful to them. They go out every day and night and don’t know if they are going to come home to their families. At least we could show some respect for what they do.

I understand there are “bad cops” and “good cops,” but we need to respect all of them no matter what. And something else we need to do is respect our military and armed forces for all they do– they go overseas and fight for our freedom. The least we could do is say “Thank you” when we see one and just be respectful to them and honor them for their bravery for our country. Because of them we have the freedom to go to the store , walk to the park and so many more things. So I would like to say “Thank you” to our men and women who fight every day for our freedom and “Thank you” to the ones who keep us safe every day — military and law enforcement.


  1. Adrienne Parker

    I agree. I don’t want Hilary to win, but I’m not sure I want Trump to win either. If I had to choose, I’d pick Trump. Hilary has dangerous ideas.

  2. Jordan Russell

    Alicia does have it hard. I am in some of her videos for this little thing you guys at channel one are doing. I go to school with Alicia and I just wanted to say thank you for giving my friend a chance to do something that she loves.

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