Alicia Huggins: Does Trump Receive Fair Coverage in the Media?

By Alicia Huggins 09.07.2016 blog

I get most of my information about the presidential election from TV, online, social media and the candidates’ presidential sites. When I say I get my information about political issues from TV, I watch Fox 13, Bay News 9.  And I get my online information also from Bay News 9 and Fox 13. When I get my information from social media I use Instgram and Facebook.

I think my candidate, Donald Trump, has received fair coverage in the media because in the election campaign you are gonna have candidates who both run ads about other candidate so that they can try and take their opponents’ voters. But it’s only normal for two candidates to do that to each other.

The only thing that I wish to happen is for one person to run one good ad about my candidate Donald Trump because he deserves it. Because I see good ads on Hillary Clinton but never one about Donald Trump and I don’t think that’s fair. If you’re gonna run a good ad about Hillary Clinton, then run one about Donald Trump too.

One thing I think should be emphasized more about my candidate is that Donald Trump is not racist –he supports all races. As long as I have watched his rallies on TV, I don’t think I have ever heard him say one racist thing. Just because he wants to build a wall on the border with Mexico, that doesn’t mean he is racist. He doesn’t say anything racist about blacks, whites, Mexicans or any other race that I know of.  I see people of all races at Donald Trump rallies. So why would people call him racist I don’t understand that.

Now we will all have different opinions on whether Donald Trump is racist or not. We all have opinions and we are entitled to them. In one of Donald Trump’s interviews, the reporter asked him if Trump was racist because Trump had said that a judge once treated him unfairly, and the judge was Mexican. Trump answered that he wasn’t racist, but that he felt the judge wasn’t treating him fairly and that he had had other judges and they hadn’t treated him unfairly. But I don’t think Trump is being racist.


  1. nicholas

    I think trump is better

  2. sara

    you go girl Donald trump for prez!

  3. noah

    he doesn’t. and the media wants to cover the mean things he said vs the many terrible things hillary has done

  4. Mason

    donald trump is a very working guy. GO TRUMP.hillary on the other hand is not so good to people.

  5. Richard Stavinoha

    Donald trump does not receive fair coverage in the media people make Trump sound like a fool when he is the best president we will ever have.

  6. Summer

    I agree that Trump should recieve fair coverage!

  7. aj

    if that’s the only reason you chose republican then you don’t have much back up.

  8. Abraham

    i think yes because alot of people are voting for him and can you give 5c a shout out plz

  9. Cloe

    I think both Hillary and Donald both get treated fairly ,but how treat each other in the TV ads in not fair.

  10. Ronnie

    I think Donald Trump does receive fair coverage on the media because even if Hillary has ads and Trump doesnt have as many, he still has many ads that can still somehow support him in being elected.

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