Alicia Huggins: Why the Youth Voice Is Important During This Election

By Alicia Huggins 10.16.2016 blog

The reason why it’s important to vote in the OneVote Mock Election is because you are getting to voice your opinion during this year’s election and to decide who you want as your president. It’s an amazing opportunity. I know I’m not old enough to vote but getting to vote in the OneVote Mock Election is a way for the youth voice to be heard. And when you turn 18, you get to actually vote, which in my opinion would be an amazing experience.

The reason why it’s important for the youth voice to be heard in this presidential election is because most of the issues happening in this world today affect all of us children and teens. For example the issue of gun control — some teens/children have seen friends and family members get killed for no reason, and we want to see a change in the law with guns. Another example is lowering taxes. Some of us teens/children see our parents struggle to make ends meet, and it’s hard for them to go to the store and buy healthy food because of how high taxes are on food.

So if we want things to change, our voice should be heard in this election because we want to see changes made!


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