Alicia Huggins: The two people who influence my political opinion

By Alicia Huggins 09.21.2016 blog
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Since my mom and I agree on the same candidate, we usually agree on political issues as well. We both agree on illegal immigration, gun control, lowering taxes, affordable college and wasteful spending. For example, about the issue of gun control, my mother and I agree that only military and police personnel need to have guns. Several gun-related crimes have been committed by people with clean records. Therefore, average citizens should not own assault-style weapons.

We also agree that there should be affordable college because some people, like myself, can’t afford college otherwise. If I didn’t have a scholarship, I would not have plans of going to college because I would not have the money to go to college when I graduate high school. I think that my mom has about an 80 percent influence on my opinions because both my mother and I agree that Donald Trump should be president. We agree on several issues in this presidential campaign. On some stuff I agree with Donald Trump and on other stuff I don’t agree with him. So aside from my mom, Donald Trump also has an influence on my political opinion during this election.

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