Anticipation Guide Comprehension Strategy

By Channel One News 10.30.2017 blog

An anticipation guide is a comprehension strategy teachers can use to derive more learning from watching Channel One News — for general education students, English learners and students who need additional support.

An anticipation guide presents several statements that students agree with or disagree with before watching the show. After watching the show, students return to their anticipation guides and reflect on whether their ideas about the statements have changed.

Anticipation guides build comprehension by:

  • Activating prior knowledge, which primes students to better receive information in the show
  • Generating curiosity, which causes students to set a purpose for watching the show, pay closer attention and participate more actively in discussions

How to Use an Anticipation Guide

  • Print out a blank Anticipation Guide.
  • Fill in statements related to the main ideas of the video on the blank anticipation guide. (See our Anticipation Guide Student Model with statements.)
  • Make copies of your completed anticipation guide and distribute to your students.
  • Read aloud the statements. Then, ask students to mark on the left side of the guide whether they AGREE or DISAGREE with that statement. Ask a few volunteers to share their responses and explain why they agree or disagree.
  • Watch the video.
  • Have students independently reread the statements and mark on the right side of the guide whether they AGREE or DISAGREE with the statements.
  • Ask a few volunteers to xplain why their ideas about the statements may have changed.

To see this strategy used in the classroom, watch the video in this post on Reading Rockets.

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