Take a Peek at Arielle’s Summer Adventures

By Arielle Hixson 08.28.2016 blog

First of all…I have to start off by saying that summer is my FAVORITE time of the year. The weather, the relaxation, the beach, the ice cream…it’s really a magical time. The perfect period to relax, recuperate and challenge yourself outside of the classroom before you transition back to student-life and get amped up for the school year. I always take the time to focus on myself, get as active as possible, stay outdoors and try new things. Fall is the beginning of the school year…so you mine as well take advantage of summer and go back to school with a bang right?

This year I kicked off my summer with a trip to Italy. Now I’ve been to a couple other beautiful spots in Europe…but Italy is definitely my favorite! I first arrived in Milan, one of the biggest fashion capitals in the world. There I did some major shopping, visited key historical sites like the Duomo and ate delicious pasta at a nearby café. After a day in Milan, we took a train down the Amalfi Coast to stay in a beautiful villa in Tuscany. Every day I woke to mesmerizing rolling hills and ended my day with a private chef cooking Italian meals right in our home! No lie…it felt like a movie. When I travel, I personally love to explore older cities and getting a glimpse of the past, so when we weren’t in the villa we explored nearby cities, like San Gimignano and Florence.

Once I came back I got a head start on my series about the teen brain (stay tuned this fall!) This involved lab-heavy shoots speaking with experts in some of the most highly regarded adolescent psychology labs in the country. While getting my geek on (ok corny…but I had to!) I worked with MRI machines, sat in on lab research with teenagers and got an inside look on some of the most interesting scientific breakthroughs in adolescent development.

In between shoots I made a few trip to Martha’s Vineyard, an island off of Cape Cod Massachusetts that I’ve visited every summer since I was a child. When I visit the Vineyard I have one mission: be a beach bum as MUCH as possible…that never gets old.

This summer went by in a blur, but it always does right? I’m excited for the crisp start of fall and kicking off a new season at Channel One News. What did you guys do this summer? I would love to hear, so please comment below! And to see even more pictures of my summer adventures check out my Instagram @ariellehixson.

My favorite beach in Martha’s Vineyard.

Beautiful boats on the docks in Martha’s Vineyard.

The last night in Tuscany.

Ate a delicious dinner here with beautiful views of Tuscany.

Scenic views of Florence.

Rolling Tuscan hills in Italy.

The winding roads of San Gimignano

Caught a few shots in Florence.

Sitting down with an expert on the teen brain.

Inside a lab at Harvard University.

The villa where I stayed!


  1. Karen Trice

    I’m enjoying reading your blogs! I’m sure you work hard, but you make your job look so fun!! So proud and happy for you!

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