Arielle Shares Her Top 3 Tips for Keeping Her Brain in Shape

By Arielle Hixson 04.11.2017 blog

Inside Your Brain has been a thrilling, thought-provoking and overall game-changing series! It had as much an impact on me as I hope it had with viewers across the country. I hope that while watching, you have had some positive takeaways and groundbreaking thoughts that have really transformed the way you think about brain development. Just for fun, I thought I’d share a few tips on how I work out my brain!

1. Take a break!
Once a week on my day off I try not to watch TV or use my computer until 5:00 pm. I know…sounds pretty tricky for today’s generation, but believe it or not, after a few hours I love it. It’s a nice chance to listen to music, play my guitar, read, do a few arts and crafts or go for a run. These activities really help my brain decompress from our tech heavy world. Now, you don’t have to go wild and do an all-day tech fast, but try a few hours and let me know how you feel.

2. Get in some cardio!
It’s amazing how a good run or a dance sesh really clears my mind when I am working super hard and need a quick way to relax! Sometimes that quick burst of energy for me can be the difference between thinking clearly and having too much on my plate. I’d say get in a good bit of cardio a few times a week and you are golden!

3. Meditate!
Alright, I don’t mean crossing your legs and saying “om.” A simple meditation could be a guided breathing exercise in the morning for 10 minutes just to jump-start your day. Sometimes you have to take a second to concentrate on how your body feels to keep your mind in the best condition. Remember, your thoughts and body are very much related! Keep a positive mindset, and that will keep your health and body in a good place as well.

Those were just a few key things I do every now and then to keep my mind in the best condition possible! Let me know what you do or what tips you might have in the comments section below!



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