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You may have heard of the cupcake ATM. But did you know about the burrito box? Or the Speedy Shop grocery machine? As making everything available all of the time is becoming the norm, vending machines like these are making life more convenient.

And it’s not your typical vending machine fare — this new, no-line phenomenon gets freshly stocked on the reg — so it actually tastes good and isn’t full of preservatives. We do wonder though — would you miss the service with a smile that might get at a regular bakery or taco stand?

Do you think vending for all is the next big thing? Vote in the poll to weigh in!


  1. madison

    good idea

  2. victoria

    this would be the most awesome thing ever!!!!!!

  3. Paisley

    It doesn’t seem very smart to use ATM’s for everything because it’s a waste of resources we could use for NEEDS not wants.

  4. Katelynn Riggs

    that atm thing is so awesome but what if there was a big line and stood there forever and ever I wouldn’t wait would you?

  5. Kellen C.

    No because the cupcakes can go bad and you could loose your money

  6. autsin


  7. Kaily

    It could be until everyone starts to get in the line, then you would have to go back to the store

  8. megan R.


  9. Meep


  10. Kenley

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is the coolest thing i’ve seen i hope it comes in my town!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • my name is a name

      i agree wiuth the word that cupcakes are awesome

  11. Andrew Adams

    Yes cause when u are having a bad day u could just stop and get a cupcake on the go so u don’t have to waste gas to a whole new other shop

  12. Wapato middle school

    Yes a ATM for every thing is a good idea because we might not have all things with us and might only have enough money for a curtain kind of snack.
    -group 6 Mrs.gonzales’s class

  13. John Richard Talley

    I personal think this is an amazing idea

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