Azia’s Most Memorable Summer Moments

By Azia Celestino 08.23.2016 blog

Hey Guys!

Hope you’ve been having an awesome break– I can’t believe how quickly summer has gone by! Even though I’m so excited to get back on air, I can’t help but reminisce about the cool things Summer ’16 brought.

I am originally from California, and moved to New York City to work for Channel One. So it was fun to kick off the summer by having my family visit for a week. I took them on the ultimate tourist experience!

This summer, I was also in the airport a ton! Our producer, Cassie, and I got a chance to travel for some stories. I can’t wait for you guys to see them this season! In the slideshow below you can check out pics of some of my most memorable summer moments.

So, how was your summer? Comment below with your favorite memory, and see more pics from my summer on Insta @AziaCelestino.

The Celestino Fam at Central Park Zoo

My 1st time visiting Coney Island

My siblings and I at the 911 Memorial

Cassie and I filmed in Berkeley, California

Iowa, the land of green plains and blue skies

I finally made it to Chicago!


  1. Ella Utt

    that looks like a lot of fun , I had to spend summer in alaska i couldn’t swim in the summer! #sobored

  2. Madison James

    This sounds more then fun

  3. Elijah Stevens

    Yes I have been to summer camp and it was fun at 4-H camp!

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