Back To School Apps

By Maggie Rulli 08.28.2012 blog

I love everything about back to school shopping. And sure – I love the classic shop for a new pair of jeans and a cute outfit to wear on the first day ? who doesn?t?

But it?s the shop for office supplies that gets me every time. Nothing screams “School Is Starting!” quite like a brand new box of pens, an un-cracked notebook and a fresh pack of multi-colored high lighters.

This year I’m taking the back to school shop one step further ? to the apps. Here are my favorite apps to help you start your school year off in style.

  • Studious (free in Google play store) You know that awkward moment when your phone blasts ?Call Me Maybe? during Mrs. Smith?s 4th period biology class? We?ve all been there. Well, thank goodness for Studious. Not only does this app put your entire assignment notebook on your phone, but it also automatically silences your phone during class time. It?s like a friend who knows your every movement…without the creepy factor.

  • Shakespeare (free) No highschooler can get through grade 12 without reading Shakespeare. But fear thee not ? the Shakespeare app is here to help. 41 Shakespearean plays and 154 sonnets with detailed scene breakdowns and a glossary for common terms are right at your fingertips. And it?s all for free. I think we all can agree ? that doth be awesome.

  • Math Formulas ($0.99) Can?t remember your Pythagorean theorem from that thing about the hypotenuse? Me neither. Luckily for both of us – Math Formulas does…and it?s got a whole bunch of other formulas from Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, Trigonometry and Statistics as well.

  • Graphing Calculator ($2.99) Back to school shopping can get expensive…but I always wanted to spend my money on cute new outfits and maybe some pizazz worthy notebooks ? not one hundred bucks on a graphic calculator!  Meet the Graphing Calculator App ? at just $2.99, you can get your math on and still afford that new pair of jeans.

  • Evernote Peek (free) You mean the smart cover for the Ipad is not just for propping up the screen for me to watch my TV shows? Apparently, Evernote has turned it into a flashcard. And I?m gonna fly my nerd flag here – it?s pretty awesome.    

  • Cloud app (Free) or DropBox (Free) Save papers, class notes or the all-important study playlist on one cloud enabled device, and boom ? it?s magically on the other. Okay, so it?s not really magic…but it certainly feels that way.

  • Oldify (Normally $.99 ? but Free for a limited time!) For .99 cents you can turn you and your friends into animated, older versions of yourself. Enough said.

What are you favorite apps to help you get ready to go back to school?

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