Battle of the Parrot

By ch1c0nta@ctus 04.07.2011 blog

By Ariel Nicastro

Remote control vehicles, particularly flying ones like helicopters,
have always been a popular toy. And for good reason ? they?re so much fun! While
most of us can’t fly our own plane or helicopter, having a scale model can be almost as good. 

The Parrot Drone, also known as the AR.Drone, is a new toy that combines models and video games with a smart phone twist. After linking up
your chosen iGadget with your flying device, you can take it for a spin. The best part? You can see what the drone sees because it has two cameras attached.

Many lighter helicopters will start spinning out of
control in the slightest breeze while the heavier ones can cause serious damage
to the stuff in your house, but this magical flying machine works indoors and out. It even comes with two separate hulls
right out of the box, one for each environment.

So, is this the next thing going on your birthday list? Is this a big step for flying toys, or is it more a sneaky flying spy that you don’t want your little brother or sister to go anywhere near? Vote now!


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