Behind the Scenes: CDZA

By Scott Evans 01.09.2013 blog

I have to be totally honest.

I have met a ton of really awesome, creative, dedicated, passionate and driven individuals in my line of work, but none that encapsulate the words as effortlessly as the guys of CDZA.

They let us peek behind the camera to see what goes into creating the internet gold their group is able to produce. Not only are these guys hilarious, genuine, and smart…they are incredibly kind.

Spending an afternoon with them was a reminder that it takes more than talent to accomplish anything great. These are guys that have accomplished a great deal working together because they dedicate themselves wholeheartedly to the task, and allow each other to manage their expertise, trusting it will all come together as it has in the past.

If the formula they’ve worked out is gold, then below are a few of my favorite little nuggets. Take a look, and then ask yourself what you could accomplish if you dedicated — I mean, really dedicated — yourself to it.

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