Behind the Scenes: The Newsroom

By Alexis Morgan 11.19.2012 blog

You’ve seen the shows but what really goes on behind the scenes in the newsroom?

One thing that surprised me was how health conscious the entire staff is here. All the producers, anchors, and reporters love to exercise on a daily basis and eat a healthy lifestyle – especially Maggie Rulli!

Every day she brings in a new concoction of healthy homemade snacks. Being a vegetarian myself, it was nice to see the healthy-food cognizant staff.

Another thing that I really like about the newsroom was the atmosphere. There is a fresh vibe that you can feel working in the newsroom, a collective group of people doing what they love.

As an intern, one of the challenging things is that I can?t go on any of the interesting and exciting trips with the rest of the staff. Since I?ve been here in August the reporters have gone to Louisiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, California, Mexico and just this weekend, Myanmar. Plus Jessica and one of the producers were in Israel over the summer for a series that?s going to start next week.

They?re constantly searching for new story ideas and teens that are influencing the world. I admit I?m a bit jealous that I don?t get to go on these exhibitions but my dream would be the ability to travel the world and report on stories at the same time.

Some food for thought: ?If you do what you love, you?ll never work a day in your life.?

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