Behind the Scenes: The Subway

By Maggie Rulli 10.08.2013 blog

You’ve got to check out these epic shots from far beneath New York City, where the long-heralded Second Avenue Subway line construction is underway.


  1. person

    that is so cool and i want to meet you so bad you guys are so cool

  2. someone

    im that random person that says NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE

  3. breanna

    its kinda cool but then agien dangerous…i wouldnt wanna take my chances under ground of N.Y

  4. Jennifer -Rodriguez tinoco

    this is great 🙂 making the world more new every day:)

  5. Breanna hoofer

    That is so cool to be under ground

  6. jarrettcox

    don’t workers have to be cautious about wildlife underground?

    • Alexander -Aragon

      i know what happens if thy like unopen a 3000 old legion monster or something.

  7. Emma

    I loved reading about this. It was so cool to read after actually being in a subway.

    • Mia Castaneda

      I think this could be the next big generation!
      How awesome is that!?

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