Behind the Scenes: War on Drugs

By Tom Hanson 03.05.2016 blog

Our government is currently at war – targeting an enemy that’s entering our country through tunnels, submarines and drones. For decades, the United States has declared a War on Drugs – a fight that has been supported by almost every president since the 1970s. To date, it’s cost more than the war in Afghanistan, Iraq or Vietnam.

Despite the staggering efforts the U.S. has put forth to end the drug trade and create a “drug-free world”, drug overdoses in America have reached an all-time high, and nearly one in 10 Americans admits to using illegal drugs regularly.

I set out on a year-long investigation with Channel One to see why our government is pouring billions of dollars each year into a cause that seemingly has no end. Over the next few weeks, we’re taking you to the frontlines of the War on Drugs.


  1. Nolan

    THIS IS BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hannah

    I like what you said. You are absolutly right.

  3. Chanel West Coast For real

    We need to stop this because lots of people are getting injured or risking their lives because of this thing that was made in the 1700s or and 1800 called Drugs:(

    • Lisa

      I agree, we need to stop because too many people are getting injured

      • Elizabeth shepler

        I also agree because of this drug war people are dieng and it isnt even their fault sometime people who dont even do drugs are dieng because of the peope who do do drugs.
        Therefore your right.

  4. Emily

    the war must stop so many bombs are distroying homes and leave people homeless it must stop!

  5. Bernie Sanders

    Feel the bern!

  6. Kayla

    Don’t use those drug

    • Irus

      I agree because some people do crazy thing like hitting women then they go to jail
      then go th sleep then they are thinking what happen then the next day remember oh yeah I was taking brugs

  7. Dominick

    9 dollar computer is a fake. I went to the cheapest place to buy it and it said it is 40 dollars. :(:(:(:(:(:(:(

    • Lucy

      I thought they said it was 9 dollars to make. They probably sell it for more to make a profit.

  8. Lucas

    I don’t think we should stop because it’s people’s choice to do drugs and if they do they realize they are going to die

    • Michelle Andre

      I don’t agree with Lucas because people are dying every 15 minutes because of drugs. PEOPLE ARE DYING EVERYDAY! We need to educate people more about drugs, and make the civil laws for drug abuse more severe. We also need to focus more on stopping people from using them in the first place, depression, and other problems lead people to drugs! WE NEED TO GET ON TOP OF THE BALL PEOPLE!

    • Ethan

      Lucas you are blind to what is happening if you think this option should even be available. Kids shouldn’t know the word “drug”, but drug seems to be a word that is the common knowledge to very young people. about 400,000 people die in effect from drugs every year. That is crazy and needs to be stopped.

  9. Shelby

    Well I think we should keep fighting I mean it is a waste of time but we are losing people and people are losing lives we should stop drugs maby have some military or more police or something like that and we should stop thease harmful things or maby we shouldnt have over the counter just perscribe and make those perscriptions a little cheaper so people can afford it like single moms somtimes have trouble paying for them.

    • Jayla

      should we end this war or will the war end us?

  10. marcos

    I relay agree this war has to end once for all

    • Jayla

      all wars end but will this one end the world?

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