Brooke Reaves: Why Vote for Gary Johnson

By Brooke Reaves 09.08.2016 blog

Everyone says that this election season is insane, and I’m inclined to agree. On the one hand, we have a woman who is considered by many to be “a crook” and has done very despicable things during her life, and on the other hand we have a man who has previously supported her, who may be a successful businessman but who proposes policies that are unconstitutional and absurd. Not to mention, both of the frontrunners have changed parties and views so many times in the past decades that we can’t think their views won’t change again when he or she is in office and needing to appeal to a certain audience.

For libertarians, this election is the perfect opportunity to take a stand, raise awareness and raise support. People don’t know enough about Libertarians, or they assume that people like James Weeks represent all of us, or they automatically equate “libertarian” with “liberal.” Honestly, many people are libertarian and just don’t realize it. Furthermore, many people on both sides of the political spectrum–die-hard Democrats and die-hard Republicans–have spoken out strongly against the nominees of their respective parties. However, many of those same people will still vote for Clinton or Trump.

I want to encourage people to vote for someone they stand with on principles (and policies), rather than just vote for someone based on party affiliation. Unfortunately, so many people will not vote for Johnson because they “don’t want to throw their vote away” and don’t want to take a vote away from the candidate (either Clinton or Trump) that they view as the lesser evil of the two. Honestly, taking away a vote from Clinton and Trump is one of the most significant reasons why I support Johnson (metaphorically, since I can’t vote haha). (A side note: it’s so depressing to me that we have an election where we view two candidates as evil and one as lesser so. We should be able to have two candidates, who regardless of their specific policy proposals or beliefs, would be a genuinely good president. We should be able to say that both choices are good options, but that we believe one is better. It’s a tragedy to me that that’s not the case. But I digress.)

This election makes many people angry and emotional –and is very, very polarizing. Gary Johnson may not be the best libertarian, and I certainly don’t agree with him in many ways, but he’s still a libertarian, and that’s the important part to me. People are desperately looking for another option, and Johnson is it.

However, I don’t know if enough people will risk standing with a third party candidate. We enforce our own two-party system by not being bold enough to support a candidate with an unlikely chance of winning. The ironic part is that if everyone who actually agreed with Johnson’s policies voted for him, he would be a frontrunner candidate with a legitimate shot at victory.


  1. Charlotte

    Thanks for that! It’s just the answer I neddee.

  2. keeganb

    I agree with TRUMP

  3. Robloxcoolguy

    It’s hard to choose between hillaryortrump

    • Brooke Reaves

      Hi! I agree, choosing between Hillary and Trump is difficult; that’s exactly why I choose Johnson!

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