Brooke Reaves: ‘Rioting Is Not Going to Change Anything’

By Brooke Reaves 11.20.2016 blog

This election was crazy! The results were totally unexpected. This election’s results just show that we cannot use the polls as accurate indicators, that a candidate does not need political experience, and that a candidate does not need massive, widespread campaigning efforts.

Personally, I would rather have a Trump presidency than a Clinton presidency. Though I disagree with both (more with Clinton) on policy issues, and dislike the rhetoric of each, I feel that my biggest problem with Trump is that I don’t know what he’ll do once in office. With Clinton, I know exactly what she will do, as illustrated by the many scandals she has been involved in and continues to be involved in. Clinton, to me, has too many things that have blackened her record. It’s too much for me to reconcile. If I could vote, I would have still voted Johnson. However, knowing that he wouldn’t be able to win, I would be rooting for a Trump victory.

I was surprised that Texas was a red state, but discovered this was due to a lower than expected minority turnout rate. It was super surprising to discover that Trump won more of the Hispanic and black vote than Romney did in 2012, and less of the white vote than Romney! It was also crazy that he won Ohio, North Carolina, Florida AND Pennsylvania! Totally unexpected, but seems to be due to the fact that there was a much higher than expected non college-educated white turnout. Trump’s win in Pennsylvania, in particular, just astounded me. A Republican hasn’t won Pennsylvania since 1988!

The fact that Clinton won the popular vote and Trump won the electoral college has sparked the age-old discourse yet again about whether or not the U.S. should keep the electoral college. I don’t know my own view on this, but I do feel that the most democratic choice would be just a popular vote. Then again, the electoral college is part of the Constitution. I know I need to explore this further.

I’m disappointed with Johnson and the Libertarian turnout. I had hoped, with such a crazy election year, that there would be a higher turnout. But, I don’t feel Johnson is the best representative for the Libertarian party. I look forward to the election seasons to come, and hopefully more of a Libertarian representation.

The riots that have taken place in response to Trump’s win are immature and ridiculous. Republicans didn’t riot in 2008 or 2012. Rioting is not going to change anything. Democrats need to explore and understand the real reasons why normal people voted for Trump. Trump didn’t win for racist, sexist or Islamophobic reasons.

Trump is not someone I ever wanted for office. He has the next four years to surprise me. He could do a great job! I hope he does.


  1. Amy Maze

    channel one is the best news website ever

  2. amy

    I agree that rioting wont change any thing its to late he’s president and we cant change that lets just hope he doesn’t do anything bad.

  3. Isaac Reed

    she is right rioting is not going to change anything so why even do it

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