Calling All Muggles

By ch1c0nta@ctus 10.20.2011 blog

Have you ever wanted to just disappear? Most people, at some point or the other, have, and lots of people want to make other things disappear too.

That’s why this idea, straight out of your fave series featuring the exploits of a boy wizard and his two besties, might be the Next Big Thing.

Scientists have been experimenting with bending light around objects for a while, but they’ve recently made some developments that could make an invisibility cloak real. (I wonder how much it would cost?!?) Using the same concept that makes you see a mirage in the desert or on an open highway, the researchers have been able to heat up something called a nanotube using electricity. The quick change in temperature causes the light rays heading towards an object to turn, making whatever is behind a bunch of nanotubes invisible.

While this idea isn’t quite ready to be for sale in the local big box store, it does have a few military (of course) uses that might come a bit sooner and is just a lot of fun to consider. What do you think? Are invisibility cloaks the NBT?

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