Candidate Profile: Dr. Jill Stein

By ch1c0nta@ctus 08.27.2012 blog

When you think of the presidential election you typically think of two parties, right? Republican and Democratic, but those aren’t the only two parties in this presidential election. You might guess the third…it’s a color, like grass…YUP! The Green party.

You won’t see any commercials, some states won?t even their candidates? names on the ballot but every presidential election the Green party presents a presidential candidate just like the big two. This year, you might not have guessed that Roseanne Barr (yea, from the show Roseanne in the 90?s) actually ran as a potential candidate for the presidency. She lost to Jill Stein, a physician from Boston. Stein named Cheri Honkala as her Vice Presidential running mate.

The Green party and its candidates focus on environmentalism and solving problems with grass-roots effort. Members of the party also see a major flaw in the current two-party system. Greeners (as they call themselves) believe that a two-party system just simply does not allow the opportunity to really address the issues of our country. Kind of like if there were only two judges on the American Idol, if neither party is willing is willing to agree, how would we decide whose album we will soon forget about?

Stein herself was born and grew up outside of Chicago, but now lives in Lexington, Massachusetts. She ran for Governor there in 2002 and 2010. She advocates a plan she calls a “Green New Deal” (named after Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal Solution to the Great Depression) which would include support for renewable energy jobs, a 30% reduction in the U.S. military budget, and an increase in taxes on capital gains, offshore tax havens and mufti-million dollar real estate.

If you are interested in more about the Greeners and their stance this election and how you can support click here!

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