Caption Maggie!

By Alex Honeysett 04.30.2013 blog

Ready for this week’s Caption Contest? You know what to do!

Maggie Rulli will pick her favorite on Thursday. Happy Captioning!


  1. Carter

    Do I look fat in this

  2. Chuck

    oooooh! dat camera guy is cute! strike a pose!!!

  3. gms_student_

    no seriously don’t I look awesome #girlpower

  4. 22gforrer

    like a boss

  5. Rylee Williams

    Who says ‘girls cant do anything?!’

  6. skyler scott

    smiles for the science camera

  7. Hannah Gross

    “Science is awesome!” “Us girls can rock those stylish lab coats!”

  8. lucy

    dont i look fLABulous

  9. Lydia

    Seriously, science is awesome. What are y’all talkin’ about?

  10. Anjoelina

    what?, you know I rock this

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